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Experimental website to browse and search vintage computer files from archive.org

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599,521,811 files from 26,052 items, totaling 51.3TB Converted or identified 88% of files encountered.

Cookies & Tracking
This site has no cookies and no tracking.

CSS & JavaScript
CSS, JavaScript and HTTPS are not required. This site works in text and vintage browsers.
In modern browsers, enabling CSS or JavaScript enables these features:

Where do these files come from?
All files were uploaded to archive.org by thousands of different users.
Think of this site as a partial mirror of select archive.org items, with a different interface.
How do I contact the site operator?
Where is XYZ content?
Not all data from archive.org is here. This site focuses on vintage media (image/audio/video) and shareware.
Why does this site look ugly?
It uses very few HTML tags for compatibility with vintage/text browsers and fast loading. It's also a bit of a style choice.
Why didn't file XYZ convert?
This site uses dexvert to identify & convert files. It doesn't always get it right. Goal is to handle 90% of files.
Why are some files missing?
Some files are removed for various legal reasons
Some text/html files are all gibberish characters?
Try clicking the (.txt) or (.html) link at the top to view it directly.
I can't scroll documents on iPad?
iPad Safari is horrible with PDFs in IFRAMEs. Click on the (.pdf) link at top to view the PDF directly.
I can browse to a file on a CD but can't find it via search?
New files are added immediately to browse, but the search index is only updated about once a day.
In my vintage browser I don't see some images/videos/text?
Files are encoded as PNG/SVG, MP4, MP3 and UTF8. Offering vintage encodings would be too burdensome.
Why does the image page access sessionStorage?
The "scale persist" feature uses sessionStorage to save/load the scale. This stays on your computer and vanishes on tab close.
You preview all sorts of images and weird formats, will you add emulation too?
Emulation requires a massive amount of hand-coding to ensure the programs work properly - while never say never,
it will probably only be a tiny amount of the files on this site that ever see in-the-browser emulation, if at all.

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Netscape Communicator 4.0+
Mediocre (Lacks above and PNG/UTF8)
Internet Explorer 4.0 (Mac)
Netscape Navigator 2.0 - 3.0
Poor (Lacks above and   and STYLE/SCRIPT content shows on page)
Netscape Navigator 1.0
Abysmal (Lacks above and some URLs break)
Internet Explorer 1.0 - 2.0