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Unknown  |  2023-02-26  |  31b

This file was not able to be converted.

Program Identifications
ConfidenceProgramIdentificationMatch Type
1% dexvert IFF TDDD 3-D Render Document (iffTDDD) ext
1% dexvert Amiga Hunk Library/Object (amigaLibrary) ext
1% dexvert COFF Library (coffLibrary) ext
1% dexvert Flashback Object (flashbackObject) ext
1% dexvert Intel Common Object File Format Object (intellCOFFObject) ext
1% dexvert Relocatable Object Module (relocatableObjectModule) ext
1% dexvert 3D Construction Kit Object (threeDCKObject) ext
1% dexvert X-CAD Modifier Table (xCADModifierTable) ext
100% file data default
66% TrID Atari XE Executable default
33% TrID MP3 audio default